What Documents Do I Need To File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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A quick google search can provide an overwhelming amount of information about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Although it is important to do your research do not be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet.  Like a lot of information online, not all of it is correct and, in most cases regarding legal issues, the information might not pertain to your specific situation.  For example, what is true for someone living in Texas could be very different for someone living in New York; even if their legal issue is the same.

In order to properly prepare your Bankruptcy Petition (which is filed with the Court) our bankruptcy attorneys will request documents from you that will assist us in completely understanding your financial situation.  At Balmer Black, our Bankruptcy Attorneys will assist a bankruptcy client with completing our client specific Bankruptcy Questionnaire.  This questionnaire is used internally to provide our firm with detailed financial information so that our attorneys can properly prepare your Bankruptcy Petition for filing.

In addition to the questionnaire, there are specific documents that are required as part of your Bankruptcy both by our office and the Bankruptcy Trustee (The Trustee is appointed to oversee your Bankruptcy Case).  And, it is important to note that every Trustee is different and may require different documents.  For example, one Trustee may require three months of bank statements while a another Trustee will request four months of statements.

In order to give you an overview of the most common documents requested in conjunction with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, our attorneys have complied a list of the most commonly requested documents in New York:

1) Proof of income for the last 3 months, if applicable.

If you or your spouse did not work for the entire 60-day pre-petition period, then an Affidavit will be prepared for you or your spouse to sign, explaining that there was no income for a certain period of time.

2) Federal and State income tax returns for the two previous years.

3) Credit Counseling Certificate.

4) Additional Documentation that may be requested:

–   Deeds to houses/land

–   Purchase contracts for mobile homes

–   Titles to vehicles

–   Proof of insurance for houses/vehicles

–   Proof of values of land/houses (tax assessments/appraisals)

–   UCC1 documents that place liens on personal property (e.g. furniture, 4 wheeler etc.)

–   Proof of any child support obligations

–   Retirement plan/loan information (monthly payments & proof deductions)

–   Life insurance documents

The above list is meant to provide you with a basic, general overview of what documents may be required as part of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Every Trustee and case is very different so in order to determine what documents you will need to file Bankruptcy you can contact one of Balmer Black’s experienced bankruptcy attorneys today to discuss your situation.

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